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Solution Centre


The Solution Centre is an online application which generates reports that list findings for Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme (USOAP) Protocol Questions (PQ) and provides guidance for the resolution of each of these findings. It is designed to help States address PQ findings with the most fitting solutions available.


Solutions are divided into four types:


​•​Training: courses or training centres providing training on the subject;
​•​Tools: software, databases or online tools which provide a solution to the finding;
​•​Programmes: global, regional and private programmes designed to help correct the problem using step-by-step guidance; and
​•​Best practices: documents, manuals, templates or other material shared by States or industry on how to resolve a problem or provide corrective action.


The application was launched during the 39th Session of the Assembly and is available on the iSTARS platform under the ICAO secure platform. Solutions are currently reviewed and enhanced by the Regional Offices.

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