Progress on ICAO's Strategic Objectives — Air Navigation Capacity and Efficiency — Global Air Navigation Priorities

Global Air Navigation Priorities


Global Air Navigation Plan


The Fifth Edition of the Global Air Navigation Plan (GANP) was approved by the Council and endorsed by the 39th Session of the Assembly. The GANP serves as the strategic direction for the technical work programme of ICAO in air navigation and guides the cost-effective implementation of elements that will bring direct operational benefits in different key performance areas. The GANP is a high-level policy document on air navigation capacity and efficiency issues as well as a planning and implementation document for use at the global, regional and national levels.


Performance-based Navigation


The focus of the Performance-based Navigation (PBN) Programme is predominately on implementation, with a wide-ranging review launched this year to determine the existing barriers to effective implementation and identify how these can be addressed. The PBN Programme is leading an initiative within ICAO to make documentation much more accessible and is providing focused “How-To” guides on specific topics such as the issuing of a PBN Operational Approval. On the development side, a new navigation specification for Required Navigation Performance Authorization Required (RNP AR) departures will improve safety in challenging terrain environments. The PBN Study Group continues to work with other expert groups of ICAO to assist in simplifying the approval process for RNP AR approaches and refining existing procedure design criteria. Training continues to be a focus for PBN, and options to partner with other international organizations to promote ICAO training modules and workshops will be further explored in the coming months.

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