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Conference, Security, and Administrative Services


In coordination with Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC), major renovations and construction projects were completed in the office tower in 2016 to improve space for Delegations and Secretariat staff. Major maintenance and repairs were completed in the Conference Centre and the office tower to prepare the ICAO building to better host the 39th Session of the Assembly.


Major projects included the installation of additional elevator access to the second floor to improve circulation and reduce wait times for staff and visitors. The executive conference room used by the President of the Council and the Secretary General was also renovated, featuring the implementation of state-of-the-art technology.


Work continued on the Functional and Technical Program (FTP) to utilize the donation by the Government of Canada for redevelopment of space within the office tower. In an effort to create more space for office use, the disposal of large amounts of obsolete furniture and equipment continued.


In 2016 Conference Services saw a record year, with 677 events hosted in the Conference Centre (including more than 200 Delegations’ functions) and 772 meetings in the office tower.


Four major projects were delivered in time for the 39th Session of the Assembly:


​•​Electronic bells and a public announcement system;
​•​Extended and upgraded broadcasting system throughout the Conference Centre;
​•​Digital signage for conference rooms and public areas, integrated with the space management system;
​•​Overall improvement of the Conference Centre’s look and feel, ICAO-branded charging stations for cellphones and tablets, elegant recycling bins and new coat racks, and the replacement of furniture, including in the Council Chamber and the Assembly Hall.


During the 39th Session of the Assembly, Conference Services registered 2 539 delegates and serviced 249 meetings. 

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