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ICAO Policy


During its 207th Session, the ICAO Council approved an ICAO Resource Mobilization Policy that aims to achieve adequate, more predictable and sustainable voluntary contributions to realize the Organization’s mission, complement the ICAO Regular Programme Budget and assist States in facilitating access to funds to enhance their air transport systems, and report on the activities related to resource mobilization.


In alignment with this policy, the President of the Council, the Secretary General and senior officials have intensified efforts to foster partnerships to mobilize resources for sustainable aviation development among Member States, international organizations, industry, donors and all relevant stakeholders.


In December, a Project Review Committee (PRC) for the ICAO Voluntary Funds (IVFs) chaired by the Secretary General was established to facilitate the prioritization of projects submitted for funding, the efficient funding of allocations and the timely disbursement of funds. ICAO received a contribution of USD 1.0 million from Saudi Arabia of which USD 400 000 is in support of the Middle East Region NCLB initiatives.


The Resource Mobilization Fund will accept voluntary contributions from donors which support the achievement of ICAO’s mission and objectives at the global, regional and State level as well as assist States in securing funds to enhance their civil aviation systems.


The 39th Session of the Assembly reiterated that ICAO should continue its advocate role in sensitizing high-level officials about the benefits of mobilizing resources for and investing in the sustainable development of air transport systems of all Member States as outlined in its Resolution A39-26, “Resource Management”.

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