Supporting Implementation Strategies — Enhancing Efficiency and Effectiveness — Business Plan

The ICAO Business Plan 2017 – 2019


The ICAO Business Plan 2017–2019 (First Edition, 2016) was published under the authority of the Secretary General. It is the seminal document for the Organization for the 2017 – 2019 triennium taking into consideration all the work mandated to ICAO, regardless of source of funding. It sets out the strategies and priorities to guide the activities of the Organization; it highlights ten key priorities to advance the realization of 15 expected results attributable to the five Strategic Objectives. A further nine expected results are attributed specifically to improving the supporting strategies of the Organization. The Business Plan also includes seven focus areas designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of ICAO’s work.


The Business Plan follows a results-based management (RBM) approach; integrating strategy, resources, processes and measurement to improve decision-making, transparency and accountability. It is a living document that must be continuously adjusted to meet the changing needs of States and the global aviation community. Changes to relevant elements of the Business Plan including the review of emerging aviation issues, the assessment and mitigation of internal and external risk factors, and the implementation of the Work Programme through the Operating Plan are monitored, updated and optimized by the Secretariat on an ongoing basis.


The Business Plan will be rolling in nature and will be submitted on an annual basis for review and advice. This approach provides the Organization with a three-year planning horizon and the ability to adapt to changes in the world of civil aviation. It also directly assists in the planning cycle for the each triennium.

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