Global Priorities — All Strategic Objectives — No Country Left Behind Initiatives — Safety Management Programme

Establishment of ICAO’s Safety Management Programme


Safety contributes fundamentally to the sustainable growth of a sound and economically viable international civil aviation system. The ICAO Assembly recognized the importance of a global framework to support the Organization’s Safety Strategic Objective. The 39th Session of the Assembly raised the need for ICAO to develop a formal global aviation safety programme, including tools, guidance and training materials to assist States and stakeholders to meet the objectives of the Global Aviation Safety Plan (GASP) and requested the Council to address this issue. The Programme is a key element that supports the No Country Left Behind initiative and ICAO’s resource mobilization initiative. The Programme’s approach includes monitoring the ongoing work in ICAO, the Regions and States, improving traceability, and reinforcing the commitment to current safety initiatives. This approach contributes to avoiding duplication and overlapping of safety initiatives and competition for resources. The Programme provides direction to the Organization, the Regional Aviation Safety Groups (RASGs) and other key stakeholders.


State letter AN 8/3-16/89, issued in September, announced the establishment of the ICAO Safety Management Programme. The State letter also outlined a set of deliverables and timelines to support the full implementation of Amendment 1 to Annex 19 — Safety Management, by the applicability date of 7 November 2019. The importance of the work being done to achieve the GASP objectives was emphasized, and States and safety partners were asked to consider means to support the Programme.

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