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ICAO Programme for Aviation Volunteers


Under the No Country Left Behind initiative, the ICAO Programme for Aviation Volunteers (IPAV) provides a framework for the deployment of skilled and experienced aviation professionals, working as volunteers, to provide short-term assistance to States in addressing shortcomings identified through ICAO safety and security audits, responding to emergencies affecting their aviation systems, developing capabilities in the implementation of ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) and fostering self-reliance and growth.


Following the establishment of the IPAV, two State Letters were issued in 2016 by the Secretary General, to provide a detailed description of the Programme’s framework, objectives, scope of application, and eligibility requirements, and to solicit voluntary contributions to the ICAO IPAV Fund.


One of the major outcomes of the 39th Session of the Assembly was the adoption of Resolution A39-17, “ICAO Programme for Aviation Volunteers”, wherein the Assembly encouraged Contracting States and other stakeholders in a position to do so, in coordination with the international civil aviation community, to participate in the IPAV by providing sustained financial and human resources to support developing and least developed States in their efforts to meet their obligations under the Convention on International Civil Aviation.


An IPAV Voluntary Fund was established under the purview of the Technical Cooperation Bureau (TCB) to receive contributions in support of the Programme’s administration. To date, the Fund has received voluntary contributions in the amount of USD 122 551 from Kenya, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the Regular Programme. The first project using the IPAV Voluntary Fund is being implemented in Guatemala.


Under the Programme and in support of the No Country Left Behind initiative, a roster of qualified aviation volunteers in all civil aviation disciplines was created and is maintained for the IPAV by the TCB. At present, approximately 150 applications have been received.

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