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ICAO Programme for Aviation Volunteers


In September, the Council, under the Organization’s No Country Left Behind (NCLB) initiative, approved the establishment of the ICAO Programme for Aviation Volunteers (IPAV).


This programme provides a framework for the deployment of aviation professionals, working as volunteers, to provide short-term assistance to States so that they may address any shortcomings identified during ICAO safety and security audits, respond to emergencies affecting their aviation systems, and foster self-reliance and growth.


Assistance may also be provided in non-audit areas, in response to requests from States and subject to the availability of experts with the required skill sets. Volunteer assistance may similarly be provided during crisis and emergency situations which affect the civil aviation system of a State.


Participation in the IPAV is open to all aviation professionals from ICAO, the aviation industry, States and the private sector, subject to review of their credentials by ICAO. The determination of the suitability of volunteers and selection for assignment is managed by ICAO in accordance with specific provisions, and ICAO maintains a roster for the programme. Final selection and approval of a proposed volunteer is the responsibility of the client State.


A Voluntary Fund was established in the ICAO Technical Cooperation Bureau (TCB) for the deposit of contributions to the IPAV from third parties, which is operated on the basis of the criteria set forth in the ICAO Policy on Establishment and Management of Voluntary Funds and managed in accordance with The ICAO Financial Regulations.


The Secretary General is currently exploring the feasibility of establishing cooperative arrangements with relevant UN and international entities for the purpose of providing assistance to States through the entities’ platforms. Under such arrangements, ICAO shall maintain the responsibility for the identification of experts and the implementation of the projects.

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