YOSC 2021 Video challenge

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In support and in promotion of ICAO's Year of Security Culture (YOSC), the ICAO and ACI World "video challenge" is designed to help showcase an effective security culture in aviation in an entertaining format.


The aviation community is encouraged to produce short videos with the aim of enhancing security behaviours and practices in aviation employees.


Eligibility to participate

Airport companies and all other entities involved in aviation operations (in security and non-security roles) can participate either individually or as a group.

How to enter

Develop your video based on one of the topics below and in line with the technical requirements specified in the section Technical Requirements.  

Complete the video submission form, making sure to include the video's title as well as your name/entity/State. Send in your video!


Video topics and themes can include:

  • Embodying effective security behaviours at an airport i.e. 1) challenging those who aren't following security procedures e.g. tailgating, not wearing an airport pass/ID, breaking policy; and 2) reporting issues of concern e.g. unattended items and suspicious behaviour.
  • Promoting the concept "Security is Everyone's Responsibility" from the ground up and top-down.
  • Supporting a multi-agency approach to airport security to help deter, detect and prevent acts of unlawful interference.
  • Thinking and acting in a security-conscious manner.
  • The importance of leadership buy-in towards an effective security culture, with security endorsed as a critical core business value.
  • Raising security awareness in aviation operations to help build (and maintain) a secure airport environment.
  • Being a Security Culture Ambassador and helping all understand the benefits of a positive security culture in aviation.

The ICAO Security Culture Campaign Starter Pack and the ICAO Security Culture Toolkit contain additional information that can be used as guidelines for your video. Please visit the ICAO Security Culture website and its resources pages at www.icao.int/Security/Security-Culture/Pages/ICAO-Resources.aspx to download these documents.

Submission Deadline

The deadline for all video submissions is 30 November 2021.   


There will be prizes for the best 3 videos as chosen by an ICAO and ACI World jury. The jury will include the Chief of Implementation Support and Development Section - Security in ICAO (David Sterland) and the Senior Director, Security and Facilitation at ACI World (Nathalie Herbelles). 

Prizes include:

    • 1st Prize:  An ACI Certificate in Airport Security course for one person of the winner's choice to take;
    • 2nd Prize: An ICAO Security Culture Workshop for up to 18 airport staff to take together; and
    • 3rd Prizes: An ACI Cybersecurity for Executives online course for one person of the winner's choice to take; and an ACI Security for Airport Executives online course for one person of the winner's choice to take.

Winners will also receive a bundle of ACI World security related handbooks, along with ICAO and ACI World memorabilia.


All eligible entries received during the submission period will be posted on the YOSC pages of the ICAO Security Culture website and may also be featured on ICAO's social media channels and on ICAO TV. In addition to being informed personally by email, the winners will be announced on ICAO and ACI World social media channels and as part of YOSC communications. ACI World and ICAO will have copyright ownership and/or intellectual property (IP) of the videos produced for this challenge.



Video submission should be sent to yosc@icao.int or security@aci.aero.

Video requirements 

All videos submitted should meet the following requirements:

  • Have a maximum duration of 30 seconds.
  • Be in one of the six working languages of ICAO: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish (preferably with English subtitling). Vocabulary should also be easy to understand and non-technical.  
  • Have a minimum of 720p resolution (1280x720 pixels) filmed in 16x9 format standard widescreen TV.  Videos received in 1080p (1920x1080 pixels) resolution are preferred.  
  • Be an mp4 container and an h.264 codec.
  • Please note that videos that are filmed in vertical (iPhone aspect ratio) 9 x 16 will not be accepted.


Whilst the intention of the videos should be to raise security awareness in civil aviation, please ensure that no sensitive material is disclosed.

All videos should also have prior filming permission of the company, their respective entities, and those depicted, as well distribution permissions. The use of music, images or news clips requiring the use of licensing agreements should be avoided.

Videos should not use the ICAO or ACI World logos, or any ICAO or ACI World branding. However, references to the YOSC can be made.

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