Security Culture Video Campaigns

ICAO is grateful that the international aviation community have shared their security culture videos (including security awareness videos) and other promotional material e.g. security pamphlets and leaflets, in support of security culture campaigns and the sharing of best practices. 


International Air Transport Association (IATA)

This IATA See It Report It video initiative promotes security awareness and the importance of reporting suspicious activity. The videos are available in 13 languages. 













Awareness Videos other languages: HindiJapanese, Korean, MelayuPortuguese, Thai, Vietnamese

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IATA SiRi Reporting Video (English)

As part of the IATA See It, Report It initiative, this short video seeks to increase security awareness and facilitate the reporting process. It highlights the IATA reporting template, and serves as a reminder that security reporting is crucial to protect yourself and those around you.


Other languages:

Arabic, Chinese, French, HindiJapanese, Korean, MelayuPortuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese


This video from the Policia de Seguridad Aeroportuaria aims to increase security culture awareness and serves as a reminder that 'security is everyone's responsibility'. A focus on collaboration with the appropriate authorities, respecting security guidelines in airports, the correct use of airport passes and the importance of reporting unusual behaviour is highlighted. 



These short videos from Wuhan Airport and the China Civil Aviation Authority promote airport security and demonstrate a series of good practices to adopt to ensure that security is maintained at the highest possible level.



New Zealand

This New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority video highlights the importance of reporting unusual behaviour and of adopting measures that are compliant with guidelines and conducive to the development of a positive security culture.



This Kazakhstan Civil Aviation Authority video emphasizes that 'security is everyone's responsibility' and the importance of respecting all airport security guidelines. It also highlights the importance of adequate training and the appropriate use of tools to maintain a robust security culture.


The Russian Federation

This commemorative video from the Russian Federation aims to increase threat awareness and the fight against terrorism. 



This 'see it, say it' security video from Swedavia Airports focuses on the importance of immediately reporting unusual activity, unauthorized entry into restricted areas, and suspicious items. 


The Netherlands


This short video animation from the Netherlands shares security tips and best practices and highlights that 'security is everyone's responsibility' to help strengthen security culture and build security awareness at airports.



The United Kingdom

In these short videos, we hear from the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) on what security culture is (and the benefits of embedding a positive security culture) and what is "just culture" in aviation. There are also short videos on Aviation Security Threat Awareness and on Insider Threat from the UK Department for Transport (DfT).


Note: The DfT videos are also available in the following languages: Turkish, French, Arabic, Hindi, Thai, Dhivehi, Hindi, Indonesian and Urdu. Please contact if you would like further information and the DfT contact details for these videos. 







This short video was developed for the purpose of being displayed at airports. It aims to increase awareness and vigilance with regards to unusual activity, and highlights the importance of reporting suspicious behaviour.


ACI Asia-Pacific

Episodes of Aviation Security Explained

In the first three episodes of Aviation Security Explained, ACI Asia-Pacific explains the basics of aviation security, the evolving nature of security, and the COVID-19 impacts on security.







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