Insider Threat Webinar

22 November 2022
​8:00 - 10:00 AM ET

Getting ahead of the insider threat

The insider threat is real and ever-evolving. Terrorists consistently look to exploit vulnerabilities in security controls and commit acts of unlawful interference (AUI) against civil aviation by exploiting aviation personnel. Equally, aviation personnel might pose a risk through a lack of security awareness, complacency or maliciousness.  

The ICAO Insider Threat Webinar will provide an overview on the insider threat and the unique security risks associated with aviation personnel who have privileged access to, or knowledge of, secure locations, items or sensitive security information. The rationale and actions of insiders will be discussed, alongside insider threat mitigation measures.  

Distinguished speakers from around the world will share their experiences and best practices in dealing with the insider threat, highlighting a range of personnel security measures and policies. ICAO will also highlight its own tools and resources to assist Member States, industry and other organizations in mitigating the insider threat.

The Webinar is available to watch on ICAO TV.

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