ICAO Pamphlet: Managing Insider Risks

In conjunction with the ICAO Aviation Security (AVSEC) Panel's Working Group on Training, ICAO has produced a pamphlet on the risks posed by insiders.  The pamphlet is designed to support the roll-out of the new ICAO Insider Risk Workshop in 2023.


The workshop focuses on applying risk management principles to insider-based vulnerabilities to protect civil aviation against acts of unlawful interference.

  • Would you like some information on insiders and an overview of the ICAO aviation security risk assessment process?
  • Do you want to understand what an insider is? And do you want to understand the different types of insiders that could exist within an aviation entity?
  • Are you interested in knowing what can be done to counter the risks posed by insiders?

If yes, you or your staff might be interested in attending the ICAO Insider Risk Workshop! 


Take a look at this pamphlet for more information on insider risks and insider threats to aviation and the countermeasures available.

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