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ICAO aviation security assistance and training considers the promotion of a positive security culture a priority. This is because a strong security culture in aviation complements any and all aviation security training that we, or any other organization, deliver.  If staff in the entire organization are not dedicated to security. And if staff do not understand the threats to civil aviation or the importance of aviation security, then implemented security measures will only go so far. Therefore, all of ICAO’s aviation security training embed security culture best practices within the content.


Additionally, ICAO is proud to introduce the ICAO Security Culture Workshop, which builds upon the best practices and keys to develop, implement, and sustain security culture principles. Principles which are highlighted in the ICAO Security Culture Toolkit and ICAO Security Culture Campaign Starter Pack.

Objectives of the workshop include:

  • Explaining the principles, importance, and benefits of an effective security culture;
  • Presenting tools and best practices for the development of a strong and sustainable security culture; and
  • Illustrating the process that can be used to develop behaviour change through campaigns to build and maintain an effective security culture.


scw example.png
​For more information on the ICAO Security Culture Workshop, please see the outline of the workshop (click above).

Security culture content added to existing ICAO aviation security training includes the following above posted concepts.

Any inquiries regarding ICAO’s aviation security training and assistance can be directed to the Implementation Support and Development – Security (ISD-SEC) Section at


Help2Protect is an Insider Threat Program developed by CoESS – Confederation of European Security Services in cooperation with DG HOME under the EU Internal Security Fund.
CDSE provides diverse security courses and products to DOD personnel, DOD contractors, employees of other federal agencies, and selected foreign governments.
Luxembourg training PDF on Security Culture for entities and operators.pdf
UK CAA - AVSEC2019 SeMS and Security Culture.pdf
UK DfT - AVSEC2019 Security Culture Workshop Part 1.pdf
UK DfT - AVSEC2019 Security Culture Workshop presentation Part 2.pdf
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