Discussion Cards

ICAO has produced Security Culture 'Discussion Cards' in each of the ICAO languages to help organizations initiate meaningful discussions about security culture with their staff.  

There are several individual cards for each of the following security culture components: Positive Work Environment; Training; Leadership; Understanding the Threat; Vigilance; Reporting Systems; Incident Response; Information Security; and Measures of Effectiveness.

The cards can be used in a number of different settings by facilitators, such as in meetings, group exercises, training courses and workshops. The cards can also be left in shared staff spaces, such as rest areas and cafeterias, as prompts for informal discussions on security.  Additionally, the cards can be printed as posters, or displayed on websites, perhaps with a means of making contact to share feedback and ideas concerning security culture.

Contained below are two PDF versions. One version contains "3mm bleed/print marks" and one version is without such markings. If printing the cards in-house using a standard printer, the PDF file with no print marks is recommended. If printing the cards professionally, then the PDF file with bleed and print marks is recommended to achieve a quality finish.

For printing purposes, the recommended size of the cards is A5 paper size (148mm x 210 mm). 

Discussion cards: 3mm bleed/print marks

Arabic | Chinese | English | French | Russian |Spanish

Discussion cards: Clean version

Arabic | Chinese | English | French | Russian | Spanish

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