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ICAO is grateful that the international aviation community promoted the YOSC through videos, photographs, information notes and the use of communication channels i.e. websites, social media. A Summary Document highlighting the various regional and global security culture initiatives, developments and events during 2021 can be found here.

YOSC videos





The Russian Federation


South Africa




ICAO is also grateful that the international aviation community have provided more general security culture and security awareness videos under Security Culture Video Campaigns.

Crisis Response Journal – Shining a Spotlight on Security Culture’ UK CAA article.pdf
Fiji - Developing a Security Culture in Aviation.pdf
ICAO Insider threat toolkit.EN.pdf
ICAO Pamphlet Managing Insider Risks.pdf
Indonesia YOSC Promotion.pdf
Information Sheet on Security Culture.pdf
ISFPA - Simposio Panama - Schedule.pdf
Jamaica CAA YOSC Promotion article.pdf
Kilimanjaro International Airport Aviation Security Week.pdf
MMIA Aviation Security Week 2021 - Program of events.jpg
New Zealand Security Culture Newsletter - August 2021.pdf
New Zealand Security Culture Newsletter - July 2021.pdf
New Zealand Security Culture Newsletter - October 2021.pdf
New Zealand Security Culture Newsletter - September 2021.pdf
Nigeria FAAN YOSC Proposals.pdf
Oman - Efforts To Raise Security Culture.pdf
Pakistan - YOSC Report.pdf
Portugal - ANA Security Newsletter 2021.pdf
Risk Insights - The Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority's Risk Management Newsletter, vol. 4 (July 2021).pdf
SACAA Year of Security Culture Symposium - Program of events.pdf
Salalah Airport (Oman) - Security Culture Experience.pdf
Semaine de la sûreté en Union des Comores.pdf
Solomon Airlines Cargo Office YOSC Promotion.pdf
Summary Doc YOSC Achievements.pdf
Summary Document of Global Achievements.pdf
Tanzania – YOSC Activities.pdf
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