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    : Dr. Taïeb Chérif, ICAO Secretary General
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1. Keynote speaker:
Mr. Lew Fulton, International Energy Agency (IEA)
Session 1. Setting the scene
2. ICAO's role and Activities in Aviation Alternative Fuels
Jane Hupe, Chief, Environmental Unit, ICAO
3. Alternative Fuels: Why do we need them?
John P. Heimlich, VP and Chief Economist, Air Transport Association
4. Why We Need Alternative Fuels
Paul Steele, Director Aviation Environment, IATA Executive Director, ATAG
5. The Role of Aviation Alternative Fuels in Climate Change Mitigation
Daniel Rutherford, Ph.D., The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT)
6. Alternative Fuels: Assessing the Benefits … Addressing the Challenges?
Richard L. Altman, Executive Director, Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative (CAAFI)
Session 2. Overview of potential options for alternative fuels
7. Aviation Alternative Fuels … Characterizing the Options
Richard L. Altman
8. SASOL Synthetic Fuels: Coal to Liquids
Piet Roets, Manager Fuels, US CTL, SASOL
9. Gas-to-Liquids: Jet Fuel development
Mohd Turki Al-Sobai, Qatar Petroleam
10. Alternative Fuels in Qatar Airways: A view from the airlines' perspective
Captain Chris Schroeder, MBA, MSc, Head of Fuel Optimization, Environment & Corporate Social Responsibility, Qatar Airways
11. Gas to Liquid
Philippe Fonta, Head of Sustainable Development, Airbus
12. Alternative Fuels for Aviation: Industry Options and Challenges
Paul Bogers, Shell Aviation
13. Overview of Potential Options for Alternative Fuels
Leah Raney, Continental Airlines
14. Pathways to Sustainable Travel w/ Biofuels & Carbon Trading
Bill Wason, CO2 Star
15. Creating Alternative Fuel Options for the Aviation Industry: Role of Biofuels
Jennifer Holmgren, UOP
16. JAL Biofuel, Flight Demonstration
Yasunori Abe, Environmental Affairs, Japan Airlines
17. Algae: The Source of Reliable, Scalable, & Sustainable Aviation Fuel
Brian L. Goodall, Sapphire Energy
18. Subsonic Fixed Wing Project: N+3 (2030-2035) Generation Aircraft Concepts - Setting the Course for the Future
Fay Collier, NASA
19. Biofuels
Mauro Iurk Rocha, Petrobras, R&D Center – CENPES
20. Challenges to Development and Deployment
Ebad Jahangir, Environmental Unit, ICAO
Session 3. Challenges to development and deployment of alternative fuels
21. Challenges to alternative aviation fuels - Policy makers’ perspectives
Doris Schröcker, European Commission
22. Alternative Fuels, R&D – A U.S. Perspective
Dr. Lourdes Maurice, United States FAA Office of Environment & Energy
23. Alternative Fuels in Aviation – Embraer View
Alexandre Tonelli Filogonio, EMBRAER
24. Alternative Fuel Challenges - An aircraft manufacturer's view
Phililppe Fonta, Airbus
25. Certification of Alternative Fuel
Mark Rumizen, CAAFI Certification Qualification, FAA Aviation Fuels Specialist
26. Insights into Jet Fuel Specifications
Ravin Appadoo, Commport Aerospace Services Ltd
27. Overview of the relationship between fuel properties and engine performance
Nader Rizk, Rolls-Royce
28. Environmental Drivers and Challenges, The Big Picture
Nancy N. Young, Air Transport Association of America, Inc.
29. Environmental Assessments Status
Dr. Lourdes Maurice, CAAFI Environmental Team Lead and Federal Aviation Administration Chief Scientific and Technical Advisor for Environment
30. Environmental assessments/initiatives (life cycle assessment, air quality measurement; international initiatives)
Chris Wilson, University of Sheffield
31. The Challenges of Implementation & Deployment of Alternative Fuels
Paul Bogers, Shell Aviation
32. Production and distribution of Sasol semi synthetic Jet A-1
Piet Roets, SASOL
33. Jet Fuel Purchases: Airline Perspective
Hortencia Barton, American Airlines
34. Airports and alternative fuels
Xavier Oh, Airports Council International
Session 4. Initiatives to promote cooperation
35. Examples: Cooperation from the policy perspective
Doris Schröcker, European Commission
36. Examples: Brazil
Ancelmo de Góis, Brazil
37. Examples: The CAAFI Coalition Why? What? How? …. A template for International Cooperation
Richard Altman, CAAFI
38. Examples: Jet fuels and the road to future Jet fuels
Michel Baljet, IATA
39. Examples: Demonstrating Commitment with Action
Dale Smith, Boeing
40. Closing remarks:
Ms. Folasade Odutola, Director, Air Transport Bureau, ICAO





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