Strengthening Civil Aviation Institutions

      • Administrative organization and establishment of Civil Aviation Authority
      • Civil aviation regulatory framework
      • Economic and financial studies
      • Support for the implementation of ICAO standards
      • Development of civil aviation/airport master plans

Technology Transfer and Human Resources Development

      • Services of international consultants and instructors
      • Establishment and development of civil aviation training centres (CATCs)
      • Human resources needs assessment
      • Training needs assessment and training plans
      • Training locally and abroad
      • Training by equipment suppliers
      • TRAINAIR

Infrastructure and Services

      • Aerodromes
      • Air navigation systems and equipment
      • Security systems and equipment
      • Airport management systems
      • Maintenance programmes
      • Organization
      • Update

Promotion of ICAO SARPs

      • Promotion of uniform implementation of ICAO's Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs), policies and procedures
      • Projects implemented by TCB in compliance with standards developed by ICAO SARPs-compliant technology guaranteed Provision for Remedial Action
      • Implementation of appropriate remedial action addressing deficiencies identified in the civil aviation working processes and infrastructure
      • Meet both immediate and long-term requirements for training, equipment or expertise Development of corrective action plans
      • Preparation of audit-related project documents - Compliance with ICAO SARPs.

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