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ICAO Training focuses on empowering current and future generations of aviation professionals with the skills and tools to overcome industry challenges. The unique techniques and resources provided help build aviation professionals’ capabilities and capacity, ensuring they can thrive in a rapidly changing world.

ICAO Training offers a variety of innovative and high-quality training content to support Member States. Courses are designed to engage learners from diverse backgrounds, facilitating collaboration and relationship-building across borders. Additionally, ICAO Training accommodates individual needs and preferences, offering flexibility between online self-paced courses or live interactions with instructor-led courses.

Courses are offered in 10 different areas:


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ICAO Training also offers a variety of services, such as:


Assessment and Consultancy


ICAO can support your State or organization in a wide array of activities related to civil aviation training under the form of consultancy services customized to your needs. These encompass activities such as Training Needs assessments, supporting the establishment of a civil aviation training centre, identifying and developing education programmes, supporting the development of States Aviation Training and Capacity Building roadmaps.






In-house training


Investing in the development of your employees is essential for optimizing their performance and productivity. Through our meticulously designed and high-quality courses, we are committed to providing your organization with direct access to this knowledge.


Benefit from turn-key training solutions to empower your team and elevate your organization’s performance. Choose from ICAO’s training portfolio across ten specialized areas, and we will coordinate the in-house training you need.







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