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Assessments of Training Organizations

ICAO's TRAINAIR PLUS Programme recognizes training organizations that meet its requirements outlined in Appendix 2 of ICAO Annex 1 and ICAO document 9841. Assessments are critical to ensuring a standardized approach to course development, delivery, and exchange mechanisms among all network members. Assessment reports offer an independent view of a training organization's operations, identifying critical areas for improvement. Furthermore, assessments review facilities where ICAO training will take place, ensuring optimal conditions for delivery.




The assessment process has been implemented in the Programme with the objective of supporting its Members vis-à-vis their CAAs or other levels of government. The official ICAO report resulting from an assessment usually helps Training Organizations justify additional funding to cover non-compliant critical areas, such as the improvement of facilities, staff increase, improvement of staff competencies, and the purchase of new equipment required to improve the quality of training.




The main objective of the re-assessment is to maintain oversight on the member while at the same time ensuring that the corrective actions resulting from the previous assessment have been correctly implemented and that potential changes in the operations of the training organization since the previous assessment are not affecting the quality of the training delivered.


The assessment and re-assessment processes aim to ensure that
all members continue to meet ICAO’s requirements.


Nonetheless, assessments could be conducted outside of the TRAINAIR PLUS Programme. ICAO offers assessment services in the form of a consultancy to any organization involved in aviation training wishing or needing to be benchmarked against ICAO reference documents.


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