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The TRAINAIR PLUS Programme Membership is open to different organizations in the aviation industry, such as government and private training institutions from Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), and operators, among others. However, only training organizations conducting aviation training are eligible to join. Members of the program have access to ICAO-recognized courses and can improve and standardize their courses in alignment with the TRAINAIR PLUS course development methodology (Document 9941).



ICAO recognition: ICAO recognition, through the assessment process, Members are guided and supported by ICAO until they fully comply with the ICAO provisions covering aviation training, mainly depicted in Doc 9841.


Global visibility: Gain Global Visibility by becoming part of a selected network of training organizations.


Direct access to ICAO’s training portfolio: Gain direct access to the ICAO training portfolio at a preferred price to implement a systematic training delivery.


Guidance on implementation of Competency-based training: Get guidance on implementing Standardized Course Development in line with ICAO competency-based training methodology.


Support in internal capacity building: ICAO supports building and strengthening internal capacities and processes to become self-sustainable.


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Private training organizations wishing to join the TRAINAIR PLUS Programme shall fulfil all of the following requirements:


be in operation for 10 years or more;

be the affiliate training organization of either an aviation manufacturer, an airline, a maintenance organization, an air navigation service provider, an airport, or a ground handler; and

​count more than 20 permanent staff.



Potential candidates


Potential candidates include but are not limited to:


training arms of civil aviation authorities, airlines, airports, and maintenance organizations;

training organizations recognized by the State where they are located;

training centres involved in any specialized aviation-related safety training.



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