NOTAM Improvement


This Implementation Package (iPack) is a self-contained package aimed at assisting and guiding Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs) in efficiently managing aeronautical information by raising awareness of the importance of current, valid NOTAM for pilots, dispatchers and aircraft operators, as well as to eliminate all out of date, non-compliant NOTAM to ensure that safety critical information will receive proper attention in the pre-flight planning process.


It includes relevant documentation and tools to build capacities for the implementation of all technical, organizational and administrative arrangements necessary for the reduction or elimination of old NOTAM and for improving the quality of the NOTAM. A dedicated expert will work remotely with the designated stakeholders, providing guidance in their implementation efforts to achieve the objectives of the iPack. The level of progress made in achieving each iPack objective depends on the availability of the CAAs’ resources to perform the work.




The goal of this iPack is to assist and guide CAAs and data originators in efficiently managing aeronautical information through education and raising awareness. It emphasizes the importance of promulgating current and valid NOTAM information of operational significance for pilots, dispatchers and aircraft operators.



After having successfully deployed this iPack, Civil Aviation Authorities and data originators will be better equipped to:

  1. understand applicable provisions, namely Annex 15 – Aeronautical Information Services, Doc 10066  – Procedures for Air Navigation Services - Aeronautical Information Management (PANS-AIM), and Doc 8126 – Aeronautical Information Services Manual;
  2. use the NOTAMeter to analyse NOTAM of their State, run comparative analyses, and identify trends;
  3. identify the existence of old and very old NOTAM and determine actions to be taken to cancel, replace and/or transfer the NOTAM information in the appropriate aeronautical information products (aeronautical information publication (AIP), AIP supplement as applicable);
  4. cancel or replace non-compliant NOTAM;
  5. develop action plans for the publication of aeronautical information of long duration using the appropriate aeronautical information product, as per applicable provisions;
  6. facilitate adaption of State’s NOTAM processes and procedures to avoid the issue of non-compliant NOTAM from reoccurring and, draft a quality control measures to continuously monitoring the quality of NOTAM to ensure that non-compliant NOTAM is not issued and old/very old NOTAM are treated systematically in a timely manner;
  7. review State’s procedures and arrangements in place and support development/updating of formal arrangements between AIS (NOF) and data originators concerning origination of NOTAM; and
  8. review NOTAM personnel competency and training requirements and determine an action plan to ensure that training is tailored to the NOF's specific needs.




The target audience of this iPack comprises of Civil Aviation Authorities and data originators.




  • Expertise:
    • A dedicated NOTAM subject matter expert for an expected duration of 15 workdays over a period of three months, providing remote support to the CAA in achieving the iPack Objectives.


  • Tools:
    • NOTAMeter


  • Documents:
    • ICAO Annexes and PANS
    • Guidance material


Cost: $16,000 US


* Additional expert workdays can be provided at an additional cost.



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