State Safety Programme

This Implementation Package (iPack) is a self-contained product that will assist Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs) in the development and implementation of an effective State Safety Programme (SSP). It includes relevant documentation, tools, and an online course to facilitate each recipient’s safety and programmatic goals. A dedicated subject matter expert will also work with the CAA, providing guidance in their implementation efforts to achieve the objectives of the iPack.



The goal of this iPack is to assist and guide States, Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs), and organizations responsible for coordinating the SSP, in implementing an SSP using a project-oriented approach with specific emphasis on Component 1- “State safety policy, objectives and resources” and Component 4 – “State safety promotion”. The iPack also addresses strategies for small States to achieve an effective SSP implementation.



After having successfully deployed this iPack, States, CAAs, and organizations responsible for the coordination of the SSP will be better equipped to:


  • establish SSP functions, safety policy and safety objectives;
  • provide human and financial resources for an effective SSP;
  • ensure organizational structure supports the SSP; and
  • establish means to promote safety and foster a positive safety culture.



The target audience for this iPack includes States, CAAs, and organizations responsible for the development, coordination, and implementation of an SSP.  





  • Following the completion of the SSP training course, the services of a dedicated SME on SSP development/implementation is provided for a duration of 20 workdays.  These services will be completed within a period of three months.



  • The State Safety Programme Course is delivered in a remote classroom format - 12 participants for a duration of 6 working days.



  • iSTARS State Safety Programme (SSP) Gap Analysis (GA) Self-Assessment (SA)- This application allows States to conduct a gap analysis against the ICAO SSP framework. The elements or processes identified as requiring action as a result of the gap analysis form the basis of the SSP implementation plan.
  • Job Aid – State Safety Policy and Objectives
  • Job Aid – State Systems and Functions
  • Job Aid – State Safety Promotion



  • Annex 19 — Safety Management (emphasis on 3.1, 3.2, 3.5, and Appendix 1)
  • Doc 9734 - Safety Oversight Manual
  • Doc 9859 — Safety Management Manual (emphasis on Chapter 8)
  • Doc 10004 — Global Aviation Safety Plan
  • Doc 10131 — Manual on the Development of Regional and National Aviation Safety Plans
  • Doc 10161 — Global Aviation Safety Roadmap



  • This iPack is intended for remote (virtual) deployment, but in-person options are also available.  Course material and SME services are provided in English, French, and Spanish.


  • $29,200 USD



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