Accident/Incident Data Reporting


This Implementation Package (iPack) is a self-contained package aimed at assisting and guiding the State Accident Investigation Authority (AIA), ministry of transport (MoT), Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), and organizations in developing a State occurrence reporting system and database and an ADREP reporting system that is consistent with principles and provisions set forth in the Chicago Convention and its Annexes. It includes relevant documentation, tools, and a workshop course to facilitate these processes. A dedicated subject matter expert on occurrence and ADREP reporting will work with the State accident investigation personnel guiding their implementation efforts to achieve the objectives of this iPack. The level of progress made against each iPack objective depends on the availability of entity’s resources to perform the work.



The goal of this iPack is to assist and guide civil aviation entities and any civil aviation personnel responsible for aircraft accident and incident investigation and reporting to implement an accident and incident reporting system in their State and/or organization that will affect appropriate reporting into the ICAO ADREP system.



After having successfully deployed this iPack, AIAs, MoTs, CAAs, and relevant organizations will be better equipped to meet the objectives of this iPack, which are to:



  1. develop or review and update regulations and procedures as per Annex 13 requirements for occurrence notification and ADREP reporting in support of data analysis for the State’s State Safety Programme;
  2. conduct a gap analysis to identify current deficiencies, organizational emerging issues and operational safety risks due to the lack of data analysis and ADREP reporting;
  3. familiarize with the ADREP taxonomy and select an accident and incident database such as the European Co-ordination Center for Accident and Incident Reporting Systems (ECCAIRS);
  4. guide the Accident Investigation Authority to file reports and analyze the information in the State’s database or reporting to the ICAO ADREP database operating in the ECCAIRS software suite;
  5. create a stakeholder group, or review roles and responsibilities of existing national stakeholders, for coordination and communications purposes of data analysis and ADREP reporting;
  6. develop or review and enhance existing structures and processes to establish an effective occurrence and ADREP reporting framework and oversight system in collaboration with the State AIA and other State entities; and
  7. review or advise the State related to staffing and training to identify the competencies required to enable investigators and managers to fulfil their roles and responsibilities for data analysis and ADREP reporting.




The target audience of this iPack comprises:

  • Accident investigation authorities;
  • ministries of transport; and
  • Civil Aviation Authorities.




  • Expertise:
    • Dedicated Subject Matter Expert, for a duration of 20 workdays over a period of three months, providing remote technical assistance to achieve the objectives of the iPack.


  • Workshop:
    • ADREP Reporting Workshop – virtual workshop for 12 participants for a duration of three days
  • Tools:
    • Initial Notification form
    • ADREP Preliminary form
    • ADREP Data Report form (when it becomes available)
    • ADREP Reporting Workshop presentation


  • Documents:
    • Relevant ICAO Annexes and Guidance material
    • Other relevant documents


  • Cost: $19,500




Please contact us to learn more regarding deployment opportunities later this year. The Expressions of Interest Online Form should be submitted on behalf of a State or Regional entity, or industry Organization wishing to obtain more information on iPacks, their benefits and deployment process.



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