Field Operations

The Field Operations Section (FOS), comprising of the Americas, Europe, and Middle East Unit (AME Unit) and the Africa and Asia Pacific Unit (APA Unit), is responsible for the identification, planning, development, execution, monitoring, reporting, and closure of Capacity Development and Implementation Projects managed by the Capacity Development and Implementation Bureau of ICAO. It assists States with the definition of customized solutions across the full spectrum of the civil aviation sector and is in charge of coordinating CDI inputs to deliver projects and other technical cooperation services, on time and on budget.

The Section’s work is focused on managing projects of every size, providing efficient management services while enhancing the capacity of States to develop their own initiatives.

The Field Operations Section's performance is based on relevant ICAO SARPS and applicable international requirements related to project management. The CDI services are ISO 9001:2015 certified, guaranteeing its whole internal processes related to the development, management and monitoring of projects are consistently applied to ensure effectiveness, productivity, and efficiency, resulting in the highest customer satisfaction. Prince2 certification in Project Management for all staff responsible also ensures an articulated framework that guarantees consistency in the delivery of the expected results.

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