Advantages of a partnership with ICAO's Capacity Development and Implementation Bureau

Advantages for recipient States in using the services of CDI include:

ICAO Headquarters - Montreal, Canada

      • As the specialized agency of the United Nations for civil aviation, ICAO is in a unique position to contribute the required technical and managerial expertise in an objective manner thereby ensuring the provision of balanced advice in the ultimate interest of recipients
      • As ICAO does not represent any particular national or commercial interest nor the interest of any donor in general, the Organization guarantees strict neutrality, objectivity and transparency. Being a non-profit organization, ICAO can offer its services under most favourable and cost-effective conditions. Its advice is governed solely by objective technical and financial considerations
      • ICAO, being responsible for the development of international civil aviation standards and recommended practices (SARPs), is unrivalled in the in-depth technological know-how it offers. CDI can draw upon all the technical expertise and knowledge available within ICAO. In support of this, CDI maintains an active roster of over 3,000 individual experts and more than 120 consultancy companies in virtually all fields of civil aviation based on a worldwide selection process.
      • Recipient States benefit from ICAO’s great experience in carrying out large-scale equipment procurement projects worldwide.
      • Utilising ICAO procurement services ensures compliance with ICAO requirements, Standards and Recommended Practices. All equipment and services are procured in accordance with technical specifications that are prepared in strict compliance with ICAO norms and regulations
      • Our transparent and competitive tendering mechanism guarantees accessibility to the best technical solutions worldwide and to the most competitive offers in regards to quality and price
      • Certain important privileges may be applicable to civil aviation authorities procuring equipment through ICAO, based on its status as a United Nations specialized agency and, given the volume and frequency of purchases carried out, important economies of scale are realized
      • The Capacity Development and Implementation programme and related projects are closely aligned with ICAO Strategic Objectives thereby guaranteeing the meeting of future regional civil aviation requirements.
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