​Aviation Safety Risk Management related to COVID-19 for CAAs

This Implementation Package (iPack) is a self-contained package to facilitate and guide Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs) in the implementation of ICAO provisions. A dedicated subject matter expert will work remotely with the CAA, coaching and guiding their implementation efforts to achieve the objectives of the iPack. The SME and the CAA will agree and prioritize the iPack objectives to be addressed during the SMEs contracted period of support. The level of progress made against each iPack objective is dependent on the availability of CAA resources to perform the work.



Facilitate and guide Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs) in applying safety risk management principles to improve decisions making to address COVID-19 challenges and support safe aircraft operations.



After having successfully deployed this iPack, Civil Aviation Authorities will be better equipped to:

  1. Improve the effectiveness of remote collaboration, coordination and communication among the stakeholders involved in  addressing the pandemic; 
  2. Improve the use of safety data and information to support decision-making for the restart of aviation activities;
  3. Increase the capability of CAAs to assess their priorities during the COVID-19 pandemic and plan for the restart of aviation operations; 
  4. Increase the State's capability to appropriately apply safety risk mitigations; 
  5. Improve strategies for planning and conducting surveillance using a risk-based approach; and
  6. Achieve progress in the implementation and maturity of the State safety programme (SSP)



  • CAAs or groups of CAAs from a region or sub-region and
  • Regional Safety Oversight Organizations (RSOOs), including Cooperative Development of Operational Safety and Continuing Airworthiness Programmes (COSCAPs)



  • Expertise:
    • Dedicated Subject Matter Expert, for a duration 15 work days over a three-month period, supporting Civil Aviation Authorities remotely in achieving the iPack Objectives.

  • Training:
  • – Total number of training slots: 24

    • Workshops (delivered in a virtual format):
      • Stakeholder Management Strategy Exercise – 12 participants for a duration of 4 hours
      • Safety Data and Safety Information Workshop – 12 participants for a duration of 3 hours
      • Indicators for Restart Workshop – 12 participants for a duration of 2 hours
      • Safety Risk-based surveillance Workshop – 12 participants for a duration of 4 hours
      • State Safety Programme (SSP) Implementation Plan Reflecting Project Management Principles Workshop –  12 participants for a duration of 4 hours

    –  Total number of workshop slots: 60

    • Tools:
      • Safety Information Monitoring System (SIMS) 
      • Managing the Bow Wave (Monitoring and Planning)
      • Safety Risk Based Surveillance Tool for AOC holders
      • Safety Risk Based Surveillance Tool for Approved Maintenance Organizations
      • SSP Gap Analysis Tool (including SSP Foundation) Workshop – 12 participants for a duration of 4 hours
      • Safety Oversight Index

      • COVID-19 Contingency Related Differences (CCRD)

      • State Needs Analysis

    • Documents:
      • Relevant ICAO Annexes and Guidance material
      • Other relevant documents

    Cost $21,300 US

    *Additional seats for training and workshops as well as expert workdays can be supplemented. Additional costs will apply. 


    The Expressions of Interest Online Form should be submitted on behalf of a State entity or industry Organization wishing to obtain more information on iPacks, their benefits and deployment process.


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