Annex1 Provisions before and After Adoption of Annex 19

Annex 19 Provision
Annex 19, chapter 1 – Definitions
Chapter 1 – Definitions: 
Annex 1
Chapter 1
Transfer unless the terms are also used in the relevant Annexes.
The definitions of Accident, Aeroplane, Aircraft, Helicopter, Incident, Industry code of practice, Serious injury, State of Design, State of Manufacturer and State of the Operator, which currently exist in other Annexes, have been replicated in Annex 19 and remain in the relevant Annexes in which they are used.
Notes pertaining to  “Threat and Error” in Annex 1 is cross-referred to Annex 19.
The note accompanying the definition of Incident was duplicated from Annex 13 and amended to refer to safety-related studies in lieu of accident prevention studies.
Safety management system (SMS) and State safety programme (SSP) definitions were modified to respectively include the “SMS” and “SSP” acronyms.
The new definitions Safety, Safety performance, Safety performance indicator, Safety performance target and Safety risk are specific to the concept of safety management and are included in Annex 19.
Annex 19, chapter 4 - Safety management  systems (SMS)
Annex 1, Appendices 2 and 4
Annex 1, Appendix 2
Annex 19, appendix 2
Appendix 2
Annex 1
Appendix 2, 4.2 and
Appendix 4
Annex 19, attachment A
Attachment A
Annex 1
Attachment C


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