COVID-19 Safety Risk Management

Handbook for CAAs on the management of aviation safety risks related to COVID-19 

A new Handbook for Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs) on the Management of Aviation Safety Risks related to COVID-19 (Doc 10144) was developed with the support of experts serving on the ICAO Safety Management Panel. The guidance can be applied by States at different levels of State Safety Programme (SSP) implementation. 

The Hanbdook will be available to download in all other ICAO working languages very shortly.


Doc 10144
ICAO Handbook for CAAs on the Management of Aviation Safety Risks related to COVID-19

Supporting practical examples and tools 

Practical information and tools to complement the handbook are in the process of being identified and developed. A one-page form to facilitate the collection has also been developed. They can be downloaded on the new webpage dedicated to COVID-19 Safety Risk Management on the Safety Management Implementation (SMI) website (

COVID-19 Safety Operational Measures

ICAO has established a webpage with operational safety measures to support CAAs in providing flexibility to aviation license holders and service providers to support continued operations during the pandemic. The webpage has Quick Reference Guides (QRGs) that include information on potential mitigations that can be applied when granting alleviations. Further information can be found here.

WEBINAR - Management of aviation safety risks related to COVID-19 for CAAs

To introduce this guidance, ICAO organized a webinar on Thursday 14 May 2020. The webinar has been recorded and can be accessed here. All other recorded ICAO webinars can be found here.

VIRTUAL CLASSROOM - Aviation safety risk management related to COVID-19 for CAAs

A one-day virtual classroom course, Aviation Safety Risk Management related to COVID-19 for CAAs, is being developed. To express interest in this course, click here

The full catalogue of courses available in the ICAO Safety Management Training Programme can be found here.

ICAO State Letters

​State Letter
​SL AN 8/9-20/60
​New guidance for civil aviation authorities (CAAs) on the management of aviation safety risks 
related to COVID-19, and supporting webinar and 
virtual classroom course 

​SL AN 8/17-19/84
​Proposed Third High-Level Safety Conference (HLSC-2021)

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