Symposia and Workshops

​ICAO Regional Symposia


To share the work developed in support of the implementation of Annex 19, ICAO plans to deliver four symposia to provide a forum for participants to exchange ideas and operational experiences, and contribute to the future of safety management. The symposia will provide an important information-sharing opportunity for regulators, service providers, operational personnel and all aviation professionals involved in safety-management activities.


Please note these events will be reserved to participants from the States accredited to the following ICAO Regions:  


European and North AtlanticEstonia, 16 - 18 October 2017
South America


Peru, Lima / 13 -14 March 2018​

North America, Central America and Caribbean
Asia and Pacific


Singapore, 23 - 26 April 2018

Middle East
Eastern and Southern Africa


Kigali, RWANDA, 22-25 May 2018

Western and Central Africa


Regional Safety Management Workshops


Ten regional safety management workshops are expected to be delivered either combined with the Symposia or separately over the course of twenty-four months across all ICAO Regions. The workshops will be tailored to the needs of each region.


These workshops will focus on the more practical aspects of safety management, and be based on case studies and hands on material. The workshops are expected to provide a means for sharing of experience at a regional level and an opportunity for the further collection of examples to be posted on the ICAO safety management website for those unable to attend the symposia/workshops. The workshops are targeted for personnel involved in the implementation of State safety programmes.


Workshop on Risk-Based Surveillance to be held from 19 to 20 March 2018, Lima, Perú


The Workshop on Risk-Based Surveillance (RBS), hosted by the ICAO North American, Central American and Caribbean & South American Regional Offices, will be convened right after the ICAO Regional Safety Management Symposium and Workshop (13-16 March 2018, Lima, Peru).


The workshop aims to encourage the implementation of RBS as a tool that allows States to make more efficient use of their resources and achieve better results. World leading experts from different organizations will share their experience and lessons learnt during the Workshop on RBS. 

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