iSTARS 3.0

The integrated Safety Trend Analysis and Reporting System (iSTARS) is a web-based system that includes a collection of safety datasets and related web application that can be used to perform safety and risk analysis. Extracting useful information from these analyses allows to identify specific safety issues and provides decision-makers with analytics and visualisation tools that drive safety strategies. The flyer can be downloaded here.



SSP Gap Analysis

Before developing an SSP implementation plan, a gap analysis of existing State systems and programmes against the ICAO SSP framework and supporting guidance material is needed to assess the existence and maturity of the respective SSP elements. To assist States in conducting an SSP gap analysis, ICAO has developed an online application, which can be found on iSTARS 3.0. All action and implementation-related information entered in the SSP gap analysis tool is treated confidentially and is not disclosed by ICAO. The flyer can be downloaded here.



State Safety Briefing

ICAO has established an application on iSTARS that provides a summarized performance dashboard for every Member State that is exportable in pdf format to email. Targets based on agreed global or regional performance targets, as applicable, are also provided. Details on each indicator are also included in the briefing.



The fourth edition of the Safety Management Manual (SMM) (Doc 9859) will be published in July 2017 and will be complemented by a website with examples, tools, and a repository of best practices collected from States, service providers and international organizations.  As additional tools are developed and made available they will be included on the website.

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