Safety Management Training Programme (SMTP)

About the Safety Management Training Programme (SMTP)


The Safety Management Training Programme identifies the appropriate combination of the ICAO training courses for the different safety management role each team/professional is (are) performing at State level.


ICAO Safety Management Training Programme Course Matrix per State Safety Programme (SSP) Roles.

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The ICAO Safety Management Training Programme provides training for the following SSP roles:


​SSP Roles​Responsibilities
​1) SSP – Related Legislation and Regulations:​Staff involved in the rule-making and safety information protection activities;
​2) SSP Coordination Group Members:​Senior managers representing the aviation safety agencies and service providers;
​3) SSP Management:​Managers within the CAA responsible for the implementation and management of the SSP;
​4) Safety Data Collection and Analysis:​Staff responsible for the safety data collection & processing system and the safety analysis;
​5) State Safety Performance:​Staff responsible for monitoring and measurement of SSP;
​6) Safety Risk Management:​Staff responsible for carrying out risk assessment and monitoring and managing changes;
​7) SMS Assessment and Monitoring:​Staff responsible for carrying out the assessment of service providers SMS;
​8) Safety Promotion:​Staff responsible for safety communication internally and externally;
​9) Heads of Departments within CAAs:​Managers interfacing with SSP.

The following courses have been designed to address ICAO provisions aimed at supporting Member States and industry in their implementation of Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) and provide you with a versatile learning method including online (self-paced) and instructor-led (in-person and virtual) courses to accommodate your schedule.

Online (self-paced) courses:


Instructor-led (in-person and virtual) courses:




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