Safety Fund (SAFE)

ICAO plays a vital role in air transport diplomacy and collaboration, providing technical assistance to Member States in aviation safety, security, environmental protection, and sustainable development, all in alignment with their Mission Statement and founding principles.

To support these efforts, the ICAO Council established the Safety Fund (SAFE) in 2010. SAFE collects voluntary contributions to support ICAO safety programs in a transparent, efficient, and timely manner. Its aim is to enhance civil aviation safety by addressing safety deficiencies in member states and enabling ICAO to respond promptly to urgent safety issues and unforeseen events.

SAFE's primary objectives include supporting safety projects consistent with ICAO's safety Strategic Objectives and providing contingency funding for urgent safety issues. Projects are prioritized based on existing mechanisms, with special attention given to Least Developed Countries (LDCs). Their focus is on enhancing aviation safety, ensuring compliance with ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs), and resolving Significant Safety Concerns (SSCs).

SAFE relies on voluntary contributions from States, international organizations, and industry stakeholders. These contributions fund safety-related projects identified by ICAO. Continued support is crucial to assist ICAO Member States and uphold the principle of No Country Left Behind.

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