Air Traffic Management (ATM)

Technical work programme
The operational concept of global air traffic management
  • Required total system performance 
    • safety
    • regularity
    • efficiency
    • certification and quality assurance
  • Autonomy of flight
  • Situational awareness
  • Separation assurance
  • Collision avoidance
  • Optimization of traffic flows
  • Air traffic management regional concept
  • Updating the Global Air Navigation Plan for CNS/ATM Systems
Strategic airspace management
  • Airspace infrastructure planning 
    • airspace organization
    • visual flight rules (VFR) operations
    • facilities and services
    • airborne capabilities
    • airspace planning methodology
  • ATM requirements for communications, navigation and surveillance
    • ATM requirements for communications
      • required communication performance (RCP)
      • automatic dependent surveillance (ADS) systems
      • controller-pilot data link communications (CPDLC)
      • data link-flight information services (D-FIS)
    • ATM requirements for navigation 
      • required navigation performance (RNP)
      • area navigation (RNAV) for en-route operations
    • ATM requirements for surveillance 
      • required surveillance performance (RSP)
      • ADS systems
Tactical airspace management
  • Dynamic use of airspace
  • Civil/military co-ordination
Air traffic services (ATS)
  • Air traffic services systems
    • flight data processing system (FDPS)
    • radar data processing system (RDPS)
    • utilization of data link
    • automated display systems
  • Air traffic services procedures 
    • revision of provisions
    • global navigation satellite system (GNSS) operations
    • operations on intersecting and same runways
    • surveillance 
      • ADS procedures
      • use of radar
      • use of secondary surveillance radar (SSR) alone for separation purposes
    • air traffic incident reporting
    • adequacy of distress and urgency communications procedures
    • flight planning requirements
    • ATS safety management requirements
  • Air traffic services integration 
    • ATS applications for air-ground data links
    • data interchange between automated ATS systems
Air traffic flow management
  • Air traffic flow management systems 
    • functionality
    • data bases
    • user interface
    • surveillance input 
  • Air traffic flow management procedures 
    • strategic ATFM
    • tactical ATFM
    • slot allocation
    • ATFM messages 
  • Air traffic flow management integration 
    • global networking
    • integration of regional ATM systems and procedures
Flight operations
  • Aircraft systems 
    • communications
    • navigation
    • surveillance
    • pilot interface 
  • Pilot procedures 
    • update of AIREP format
    • communication failure procedures
    • air traffic incident reporting
    • adequacy of distress and urgency communications procedures 
  • Integration of operations 
    • maintain ATC-specified separation
Functional integration
  • Flight operations and ATS 
    • ATS applications for air-ground data links
    • voice position reporting
    • automatic position reporting
    • ADS-broadcast (ADS-B) 
  • Flight operations and ATFM
    • flight plan negotiation
    • dynamic flight profiles 
  • ATS and ATM 
    • assessment of impact on ATS of data link applications
Contingency planning and crisis management
  • Planning, technical support and implementation
Search and rescue
  • Requirements for ELTs and communications
  • Harmonization of SAR procedures
Regional air navigation plans and supplementary procedures
  • Regional planning, monitoring of regional developments and implementation support
Council committee, AN panels and study groups
  • Air Traffic Management Operational Concept Panel (ATMCP)
  • Separation and Airspace Safety Panel (SASP)
  • Operational Data Link Panel (OPLINKP)
  • Proficiency Requirements in Common English Study Group (PRICESG)
  • Simultaneous Operations on Parallel or Near-Parallel Instrument Runways Study Group (SOIRSG)
Annexes and PANS
  • Annex 2 — Rules of the Air
  • Annex 11 — Air Traffic Services  Access a free online-only version of Annex 11
  • Annex 12 — Search and Rescue
  • Procedures for Air Navigation Services — Air Traffic Management (PANS-ATM, Doc 4444)
Manuals and Circulars
  • Air Traffic Services Planning Manual (Doc 9426)
  • Manual of Radiotelephony (Doc 9432)
  • Manual concerning Interception of Civil Aircraft (Doc 9433)
  • Manual Concerning Safety Measures Relating to Military Activities Potentially Hazardous to Civil Aircraft Operations (Doc 9554)
  • Manual on Implementation of a 300 m (1 000 ft) Vertical Separation Minimum Between FL 290 and FL 410 Inclusive (Doc 9574)
  • Manual on Required Navigation Performance (RNP) (Doc 9613)
  • Manual on Airspace Planning Methodology for the Determination of Separation Minima (Doc 9689)
  • Manual of Air Traffic Services Data Link Applications (Doc 9694)
  • International Aeronautical and Maritime Search and Rescue (IAMSAR) Manual, Volume I — Organization and Management, Volume II — Mission Coordination and Volume III — Mobile Facilities Doc 9731)
  • Global Air Navigation Plan for CNS/ATM Systems (Doc 9750)
  • Satellite-aided Search and Rescue — The COSPAS-SARSAT System (Circular 185)
  • Simultaneous Operations on Parallel or Near-parallel Instrument Runways (Circular 207) (new manual in preparation)
  • Pilot Skills to make “Look-out” more effective in Visual Collision Avoidance (Circular 213)
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