Fatigue Management

Fatigue management refers to the methods by which aviation service providers and operational personnel address the safety implications of fatigue.​ ICAO is working to provide States and industry with provisions that will help them to better manage fatigue-related risks. We’ll be continuing to develop this site and build up our bank of tools and inform​ation for your use.

This site is designed to provide you an introduction to Fatigue Management concepts, approaches to regulation and resources to assist with implementation of Fatigue Management within your State or operation.


Approaches to Fatigue Management

In general, ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) in various Annexes support two distinct methods for managing fatigue:

  1. a prescriptive approach that requires the Service Provider to comply with duty time limits defined by the State, while managing fatigue hazards using the SMS processes that are in place for managing safety hazards in general ; and

  2. a performance-based approach that requires the Service Provider to implement a Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS) that is approved by the State.

​More detail for both of these approaches can be found in Fatigue Management Approaches​.



The Resources​ page ​provides guidance material, links to example regulations as well as links to outside websites and relevant articles to assist with the implementation of Fatigue Management concepts.​   

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