Safety Information Monitoring System (SIMS)


What is the ICAO Safety Information Monitoring System (SIMS)

The ICAO Safety Information Monitoring System (SIMS) is a web-based safety data and information system comprised of different applications, which generate indicators in support of State Safety Programmes (SSP) and Safety Management Systems (SMS).


SIMS originates from recommendations of the 2015 High Level Safety Conference and resolutions from the 39th ICAO Assembly to introduce a phased approach for global information exchange. SIMS promotes the cooperation amongst States and industry to collect and analyze all available information pertinent to the monitoring of the aviation sector's safety performance.


How does SIMS workCapture.PNG

SIMS generates safety indicators for SSP and SMS and presents them in an actionable format to States and industry. The list of such indicators may vary from State to State based on the availability of necessary safety data. Each indicator requires specific data points in order to be calculated through the applications in SIMS, and in the absence of available data this may not be attainable.


Participating States, in cooperation with service providers under its oversight, will provide safety data directly to the ICAO SIMS and in return have access to actionable and visualized indicators. SIMS resides on ICAO IT infrastructure and is able to collect safety data from all categories of service providers. The data, and the associated indicators that States and industry provide are secure and only available to pre-approved users as defined by the State.



States interested in the ICAO SIMS should contact the ICAO Regional Office to which they are accredited. A detailed information and implementation plan, including the analysis of available safety data will be performed upon receiving a States request to utilize the SIMS.


Participating States

For the first phase of this pilot project we have a number of States who expressed their interest to contribute to the implementation of SIMS for the phased approach to global information exchange. States and service providers are encouraged to join the SIMS initiative.  


How to become a participant

For further information please contact the ICAO Regional Office or send an email to
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