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Welcome to the National Aviation Safety Plan (NASP) Online Community.
This Secure Site is a forum for States, regional entities, and other stakeholders involved in the development of a NASP to access resources, exchange information, and obtain feedback from experts in the aviation community on the development and implementation of a NASP.
• The Library tab (on the left hand menu), gives you access to ICAO documentation to assist with the NASP development and implementation, including templates and checklists.
• The NASP tab contains folders where States may share draft NASPs, to obtain feedback from others, and also post published NASPs, to share them with the aviation community. The RASP tab serves the same purpose, but for regional aviation safety plans (RASP).
• The Events tab contains folders which include the materials from the ICAO NASP Workshops, and other relevant documentation on meetings and events.
• The Question Forum tab, allows you to post questions which are visible to all registered users of this online community, so that you may ask for and obtain advice from other experts who are developing their State's NASP. You are encouraged to post questions and reply to those posted by others. You may also set up a notification in your profile which will advise you every time some answers your question or a question you are interested in.


• To enable alerts, under "List" on the top of the page, click the "Alert" button for all items to be notified via email.
This online community is a resource to connect persons working on the development and implementation of NASPs, and create a network where States can help each other. Please take full advantage of this site.
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