Secure Portal



ICAO developed a dedicated site on its secure portal for the regional aviation safety groups (RASGs) to collect operational safety risks and emerging issues.


Each State is responsible for updating their information on the secure portal site, on a regular basis. Information from individual States is collected by each RASG and used to identify hazards, emerging issues, and to conduct regional risk assessments.


Safety information gathered is useful for the RASGs to update the regional aviation safety plans (RASP). It is also useful for ICAO to consider, when developing future editions of the GASP. States can provide information anonymously. The purpose of this site is not to identify State-specific deficiencies but rather to provide a platform where States can communicate operational safety risks and emerging issues to the RASGs and to ICAO. This site is only accessible through approved log-in credentials.

The Secure Portal on Operational Safety Risks and Emerging Issues can be accessed directly on the ICAO secure portal (log in required).


Users should read and familiarise themselves with the Policy on the Use of the ICAO Secure Portal on Operational Safety Risks and Emerging Issues prior to using the site.

For further information on how to use the Secure Portal on Operational Safety Risks and Emerging Issues, click here. 

For consistency of reporting, States and regions are encouraged to use the aviation occurrence categories from the Commercial Aviation Safety Team (CAST)/ICAO Common Taxonomy Team (CICTT) when completing forms in the secure portal site.

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