The global aviation safety roadmap is composed of two pieces:

  1. Organizational challenges

    – this part of the roadmap (referred to as the ORG roadmap) provides SEIs to meet GASP goals related to States' safety oversight capabilities and the implementation of State safety programmes (SSP), as well as industry's implementation of safety management systems (SMS), and contains two distinct components, in line with the GASP goals, to address safety management responsibilities: 

    • State safety oversight system;
    • SSP, including service providers' SMS

2.  Operational safety risks – this part of the roadmap (referred to as the OPS roadmap) provides SEIs to meet the GASP goals related to a continuous reduction of operational safety risks, and regional and industry safety risk management activities to address the HRCs.

The ORG and OPS Roadmaps may be found in Appendix A and B of the 2020-2022 edition of the GASP (Doc 10004), respectively.

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