Organizational challenges are systemic issues which take into consideration the impact of organizational culture, and policies and procedures on the effectiveness of safety risk controls. Organizations include entities in a State, such as the civil aviation authority and service providers, such as aircraft operators, air traffic service providers and operators of aerodromes. Organizations should identify hazards in systemic issues and mitigate the associated risks to manage safety.

Why Identify Organizational Challenges?


Identifying organizational challenges assists ICAO in defining priorities for global action which then serve as basis for GASP goals and targets. The identification of safety-related challenges and the prioritization of areas that require action are key steps in the safety planning process.

Organizational Challenges Identified in the GASP
For the 2023-2025 edition of the GASP, ICAO and the aviation community identified the following organizational challenges:
The ORG roadmap provides safety enhancement initiatives (SEIs) to meet GASP goals related to States’ safety oversight capabilities and the implementation of SSPs, as well as industry’s implementation of safety management systems.

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