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The ICAO Workshop on the Implementation of a National Aviation Safety Plan (NASP) is intended to develop competencies for persons involved in the planning and implementation of a national aviation safety plan, in alignment with the ICAO Global Aviation Safety Plan (GASP) and the regional aviation safety plan (RASP).


The workshop addresses identifying national operational safety risks and organizational challenges, such as those related to the State safety programme (SSP) implementation, and planning initiatives to address them. The workshop also addresses the State's strategic direction for managing safety in civil aviation, including national safety goals, targets and indicators. This event is focused on flight operations and safety management specialists, civil aviation safety inspectors, airline safety managers, and representatives from organizations involved in accident and incident investigation.


Schedule of Workshops

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4-6 NovemberBangkok at APAC Office – followed by RASG-APAC/9English
27-28 January 2020Nairobi at ESAF office
30-31 January 2020Dakar at WACAF Office
English and French
1-2 March 2020Cairo at MID Office – followed by RSC/7English
15-17 November 2022Baku, Azerbaijan
English and Russian

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