12 announcements were made at the ICAO Stocktaking 2021, check them out.

1. oneworld outlines path to net zero emissions by 2050

The oneworld® Alliance has outlined its path to achieving net zero emissions by 2050, reiterating its commitment to sustainability across the alliance’s 14 member airlines.

The initial oneworld carbon roadmap unveiled at the Stocktaking illustrates how the alliance will meet its net zero emissions target that was first announced in September 2020, establishing oneworld as the first global airline alliance to commit to a common carbon neutrality goal. oneworld member airlines will reach the target through various initiatives, including fleet modernisation, improvements in operation efficiencies, advancing the use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) certified by ICAO-approved schemes, and carbon offsets and removals.

Watch the announcement - Stocktaking 2021 Day 1, Rob Gurney presentation  - 2:42:10

2. Foundation of the Institute for Sustainable Aviation (ISA)

iSAE-SUPAERO has announced the foundation of the Institute for Sustainable Aviation, a consortium of high-level academic institutions which will perform interdisciplinary research on the route towards a sustainable future for aviation.

watch the announcement - Day 1, Laurent Joly presentation - 1:39:02
3. ICAO and the global youth - open call and invitation to a facilitating sesion
ICAO announced an open call and support for the establishment of a youth umbrella group, which would allow the global youth to engage with ICAO and provide views on aviation sustainable future. To know more about this initiative, join our facilitating session on the 28th of October 2021. For further information on the link of events visit our website or send us a message at :

watch the announcement -  Stocktaking 2021 Day 1, Jane Hupe, - 1:59:20
​4. Germany Funding for PtL 
Germany announced a funding regime for market uptake of PtL SAF and for a PtL demonstrationi platform, as part of a 1.5 Billion Euro funding set by the Germany Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure

watch the announcement - Stocktaking 2021 Day 1, Stefan Bickert presentation - 2:27:30 
5. IRENA new report: Reaching Zero with Renewables: Biojet Fuels

This report from the Reaching Zero with Renewables series by IRENA provides a comprehensive study of biojet fuels as a decarbonisation option for the aviation sector with a focus of reaching zero in time to fulfil the Paris Agreement and hold the line on rising global temperatures. The urgent timeline required for significant emission reductions means that any decrease in the carbon intensity of fuels needs to begin quickly and accelerate.

watch the announcement -  Stocktaking 2021 Day 2, Paul Durrant presentation - 2:25:45 
​6. Smartenergy partners with Sunfire on a lead PtL project in Iberia (Porto and Valencia)
Smartenergy announced they are pursuing a first PtL project in Iberia, in partnership with Sunfire.

Watch the announcement - Stocktaking 2021 Day 2, Christian Pho-Duc presentation - 3:03:39 
​7. ISCC announces the first CORSIA certification of a refinery

ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) announced that the first three companies have been certified under its ISCC CORSIA certification standard: Eni Trade & Biofuels in Italy, Idemitsu International (Asia) Pte Ltd in Singapore, and the Castellón Refinery of BP Oil in Spain. More certifications are in the pipeline, as a growing number of companies across SAF supply chains show interest in CORSIA certification.

Watch the announcement - Stocktaking 2021 Day 3, Norbert Schmitz presentation - 3:00:45

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​8. Air Liquide announces partnerships and initiatives on hydrogen for aviation

Air Liquide announced partnerships with Airbus and Group ADP to develop a first study of 30 airports to assess liquid hydrogen production, supply and distribution as a first steps and to prepared detailed scenarios for Orly and Roissy airports as a second step. Additionally, Air Liquide won the call for expression of interest for the project on hydrogen refueling truck aiming at adapting liquid hydrogen trailers for aviation applications. Finally, Air Liquide announced the completion of the Incheon International Airport (South Korea) hydrogen station for buses; a project jointly invested by Air Liquide, Hyundai Motor Company, and HyNet. Air Liquide will supply 1 tonne of hydrogen per day to 40 buses.

Watch the announcement - Stocktaking 2021 Day 3, Xavier Vigor presentation - 2:05:59

9. ICAO and UNEP-FI announce future collaboration in sustainable aviation

ICAO and UNEP-FI announced the intent to look at the possible ways of collaboration in support of the development of sustainable aviation, including the internal approval process to materialize this cooperation. The objective of the collaboration will be to bring together the aviation and the financial services sectors to jointly help transition aviation to a sustainable future.  

Watch the announcement - Stocktaking 2021 Day 3, Jane Hupe - 3:33:25

10. Air Canada announces the formation of a new SAF network in Canada

Air Canada announced the formation of the Canadian Council for Sustainable Aviation Fuels (C-SAF), an  industry-led network which has the purposes to convene experts across the SAF value-chain and involve that ecosystem to deploy SAFs in Canada, to leverage that ecosystem in a broad collaboration to deploy SAFs in an affordable manner, and also to work with decision makers to facilitate the deployment of SAFs in Canada. 

11. ​ICAO announces the ICAO I4F Dialogues – 22 November 2021
During the Aviation Green Recovery Seminar (2020), ICAO announced the launch of the “ICAO Flying Forest Fire Fighting Dialogue (the I4F Dialogue)”, which is expected to facilitate the exchange of information on existing activities, technologies and arrangements related to aviation forest fire fighting worldwide, and to discuss possible areas of improvements and cooperation under the auspices of ICAO.
ICAO I4F Dialogues will be held on 22 November 2021 with the following preliminary agenda:

Scientific background: IPCC
Overview of UN action
Perspectives of States
Technological solutions and research
Next Steps

12. ICAO announces a new publication  - Action towards a green aviation transition

ICAO is preparing a new publication to highlight action  from the ICAO Global Coalition for Sustainable Aviation stakeholders towards a green aviation transition. The publication will be launched at the UNFCCC COP26 in November 2021, and will also set the basis for the next 2022 ICAO Environment Report to be published ahead of the 41st Session of the ICAO Assembly. 

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