Strengthening National Air Transport Facilitation Committees for the Re-Start and the Resilience of Civil Aviation

This Implementation Package (iPACK) is a self-contained package aiming to facilitate and guide Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs) in the implementation of the relevant ICAO provisions. A dedicated expert will work remotely with the CAA, coaching and guiding their implementation efforts to achieve the objectives of the iPACK.



Apply Annex 9 provisions for the establishment and operation of a resilient and robust National Facilitation Committee in cooperation with all stakeholders, including Public Health authorities with remote communication protocols in response to pandemics.




After having successfully implemented this iPACK, CAAs and/or lead agencies in charge of coordinating, drafting, and implementing the National Air Transport Facilitation Programme (NATFP) will be better equipped to:     

1)​Develop or review and update existing national provisions related to the establishment of a NATFP;
2)Develop or review and update existing national provisions for the establishment of National Air Transport Facilitation Committees and Airport Facilitation Committees; and

Establish a reporting and coordination mechanism between the CAA and other involved key stakeholders in light of COVID-19.





  • Civil Aviation Authorities; and/or
  • Lead agencies in charge of coordinating, drafting, and implementing the NATFP.



  • ICAO Annexes containing Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs);
  • Guidance material, including ICAO Manuals, Handbooks, Circulars and practical examples of implementation as well as other associated guidance material;
  • Standardized and competency-based training in online or virtual formats;
  • Tools, including applications, online reporting systems, information management systems, data analysis tools to support data-driven decision making or questionnaires/surveys; and
  • Dedicated subject matter expertise provided remotely.


  • Computer/laptop (Windows 7.0 or higher or Mac 10.10 or higher) per participant with multimedia capabilities for interaction (audio, microphone, web camera);
  • Internet connection (bandwidth 2.0 Mpbs or higher);
  • Supported browsers: Windows: Edge 12+, Firefox 27+, Chrome 30+; Mac: Safari 7+, Firefox 27+, Chrome 30+; Linux: Firefox 27+, Chrome 30+; and 
  • Teleconferencing software: Any teleconferencing software selected and managed by the Instructor in coordination with Training Center.



The Expressions of Interest Online Form should be submitted on behalf of a State entity or industry Organization wishing to obtain more information on iPacks, their benefits and deployment process.


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