Project Implementation Framework

A project is a set of planned, inter-related activities aimed at achieving defined objectives by producing specified outputs. In the context of ICAO assistance, a project is:
      • an undertaking of a government, administration, government agency or non-State entity (public or private) which, while retaining the basic responsibility, seeks assistance from the United Nations system in identifying, formulating and implementing it
      • an undertaking which is not an end in itself, but a means to a larger end, the latter being a related broader development objective of the government concerned
In general, projects in the UN system achieve their aims through three primary components, all of which are usually integrated into projects executed by ICAO, in order to provide the most appropriate balance to the undertaking in each given case:
      • personnel (field experts)
      • training (fellowships)
      • equipment, services and related civil works
ICAO provides technical cooperation within the framework of the requirements of recipient governments and funding agencies, in accordance with ICAO Strategic Objectives. The standard framework followed by TCB in the development of a programme of activities to achieve a stated objective is:

Project Formulation

      • Identification of Government needs
      • Analysis of audit reports and mission reports of Regional Offices
      • Definition of requirements
      • Assessment of risks
      • Creation of project document

Funding – Funding Partners

      • States’ own resources
      • Donor countries
      • International financial institutions
      • Regional development banks/organizations
      • Private sector and aviation industry

Flexible Funding Modalities and Framework

      • UNDP/ICAO Projects
      • Trust Fund Agreements (TF)
      • Civil Aviation Purchasing Services (CAPS)
      • Management Service Agreements (MSA)

Project Implementation

      • International and National Coordinators
      • Provision of experts, consultants, instructors and inspectors
      • Administration of national personnel
      • Procurement of equipment and services
      • Training
      • Technology and knowledge transfer
      • Coordination with ICAO Regional Offices and other ICAO technical resources

Review and Evaluation

      • Monitoring
      • Project status reports
      • Tripartite review
      • Evaluation
      • Relevance, effectiveness and impact

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