During the 40th Session of the Assembly, Member States adopted Resolution A40-27, Innovation in Aviation which recognizes that innovations carry significant potential in improving aviation safety, efficiency, security, facilitation, environmental sustainability, and economic development of air transport. Innovations can also lead to more efficient and streamlined aviation regulatory processes.

This webpage provides access to the many initiatives on innovation that have been deployed to progress ICAO's Strategic Objectives, enhance the cooperation between ICAO and innovators.

Consistently, with Resolution A40-27, such initiatives aim to:

-Assess the need, as well as the resources required, to evolve the processes of the Organization, including its working methods with the industry in order to keep pace with innovations that affect the sustainable development of civil aviation;

-Liaise with States, governmental and non-governmental organizations, the private sector, academia and the relevant United Nations system entities in order to establish an inclusive dialogue at strategic level that will encourage further collaboration and sharing of experience in relation to innovation; and

-Develop, high-level policies to address the findings of the aforementioned assessment and subsequently provide a framework that will help ensure the timely development of global policies and standards that support the continuing improvement of safety, efficiency, security, facilitation, economic and environmental performance.

Ultimately, the impact of ICAO's work on innovation will materialize as follows:

Awareness & Promotion

Raise awareness of innovation among States, industry partners and the aviation community at large and promote its potential benefits;

Timely deployment

Encourage and support the timely deployment of innovative technologies, processes and capacity-building activities based on operational needs;

Engagement with industry

Provide a framework that allows the industry to engage with ICAO at the appropriate level, enabling ICAO to develop well-informed policies and carry out innovative implementation support initiatives;

Engagement with academia

Provide a framework that enables ICAO to stimulate and engage academia in the development of innovative studies and projects, through the support of the States and the industry;

Innovation within ICAO

Enhance the innovation culture within ICAO, with due consideration for gender equality and inclusion.


It is vital that ICAO and its Member States take timely action to monitor and evaluate innovations in order for them to deliver on their potential benefits, in a way that no country is left behind, while supporting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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