Behavioural Science in Aviation


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In the context of the 2022 UN Behavioural Science Week, ICAO hosted a panel on Behavioural Science in Aviation. Behavioural Science has the potential to support the contribution of international civil aviation to sustainable development. Positive impacts are forseen in applying behavioural science to promote safety, encourage environmentally-friendly behaviours, or in the area of aviation security. In this panel, key concepts of Behavioural Science as well as practical applications in aviation were presented. 


Moderator: Mrs. Chrystelle Damar, Strategic Planning and Coordination Officer at ICAO.

  • Dr. Tom Reader, Associate Professor, Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science, London School of Economics. 
  • Dr. Maria Carmen Feijoo Fernandez, Area of Innovation and Development of Applied Studies, Head of Behaviour Detection, Guarda Civil, Spain.
  • Dr. Victor Oubaid, Aviation & Space Psychologist at the German Aviation Research Institute.


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