A strategic view of Innovation in Aviation and the enabling role for ICAO


Date & Time:

07 July, 2022 at 0900 EDT


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Following key decisions and important work on innovation at ICAO, this webinar will be the opportunity to reconnect with the aviation community and all stakeholders engaged on innovations that could lead to aviation applications. ICAO Member States would also benefit from receiving updates on important milestones, including other webinars, workshops and the Innovation Fair. The first episode of the Innovation Webinar 2022 Series has been designed to share the strategic vision of the ICAO Secretary General on Innovation and link it to the needs of the States and the work of the ICAO Secretariat.



Innovators, regulators, the industry and the research community.



Mr. Juan Carlos Salazar, Secretary General of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

Mr. Juan Carlos Salazar is the Secretary General of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). He was first appointed for a three-year term starting August 2021.

His career in international civil aviation spans over 27 years in various advisory and leadership roles. Prior to his appointment as Secretary General, Mr. Salazar served as Director General of Aeronautica Civil of Colombia – Aerocivil. For the twelve years previous to joining Aerocivil, Mr. Salazar was a Senior Advisor to the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority.

His professional experience also includes terms as the President of Latin American Civil Aviation Commission (LACAC), Secretary of the Colombian Civil Aviation Board and Director of its Air Transport Office, Director General of Air Transport at the Colombian Ministry of Transport, Corporate Secretary and Director of the Legal Department of Tampa Cargo (currently known as Avianca Cargo).

Mr. Salazar is a lawyer and has earned advanced degrees from Harvard University (Master in Public Administration - MPA) and McGill University (Master in Air and Space Law - LLM). He is fluent in Spanish, English and French, and speaks basic Arabic.

Jane Hupe, Deputy Director, Environment, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

Ms. Jane Hupe is the Deputy Director responsible for the Environment programme at International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and serves as the Secretary of the ICAO Council's Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection (CAEP). Ms. Hupe has a vital role in providing leadership for ICAO's efforts to define and promote policies and Standards for environmentally sustainable aviation, managing a portfolio that includes aircraft noise, local air quality, global climate, clean energy and sustainable aviation fuels, adaptation, circular economy and a global market-based measure for international aviation. She currently leads the Organizations efforts on green innovation and the assessment of options for long term goals for CO2 emissions reduction. Under her leadership, ICAO is prioritizing the work on the feasibility of a long-term global aspirational goal (LTAG) for international aviation. This work is a critical part of supporting the ICAO Council's efforts to lead the sector towards a sustainable future.

Ms. Hupe was at the forefront of the conceptualization and development of the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA), which was agreed in 2016 as the first global market-based mechanism for any industry sector. She ensures that "CORSIA is on track" by leading its implementation strategy, including putting in place the necessary regulatory frameworks and tools whilst ensuring that "no country is left behind" by implementing ACT-CORSIA (Assistance, Capacity Building and Training for CORSIA).

Prior to 1998, Ms. Hupe worked as a consultant with ICAO's Technical Cooperation Bureau and for 15 years with the Brazilian Civil Aviation Authorities.

Javier Puente, Regional Officer - Safety Implementation, South American Office, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

Javier Puente is currently the Safety Implementation Officer for the ICAO South American Regional Office. He has previously held other positions at national, international, public and private organizations in the aviation sector.

Javier holds Master's degree in Business Administration, a post-graduate degree in Higher Education. He holds a Layer degree, and a Commercial & IFR Pilot Certificates.

He serves on multiple ICAO panels and working groups.

His background includes over 20 years of experience working with States, airlines and other aviation-related Organization in various levels in Flight Safety, Safety Management, Data Analysis and visualization, Accident Investigation and development and provision of Training.  

Diego Martinez, Chief, Global AviationTraining, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

Mr. Diego Martinez worked as civil servant in the Government of Madrid, Spain, with management responsibilities and was promoted to the position of Secretary General in Educational and Cooperation Sector in 1991. He acquired his Master's degree in Public Administration from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid. He joined ICAO in 1997 as TRAINAIR expert in North America, Central America and Caribbean Region. He was also the International Coordinator of the ICAO Office in Cuba in charge of national and regional capacity building projects. As Technical Cooperation (TCB) Officer (2001) and Chief Field Operations (2007), he managed training and Human Resources Development projects in Americas Region. He has been TCB focal point for, airport planning and building projects, organization and institutional change, development of intermodal transport  projects,  management  of  programmes  with  Civil  Aviation  Authorities  and Ministry of Transports in coordination with ICAO Regional Offices in Mexico and Peru. He was  responsible  in  the  ICAO  Technical  Cooperation  Bureau  for  the  institutional cooperation with the European Union. In December 2009, he received the mandate from ICAO secretariat to revamp the ICAO TRAINAIR Programme and was promoted to the position of TRAINAIR PLUS Programme Manager in the Air Navigation Bureau (ANB). He is an Instructional System Design (ISD) specialist, training assessor, senior validator and instructor leader of the Programme. Since December 2019, he is the Chief of the Global Aviation Training (GAT) Office under the Technical Cooperation Bureau (TCB) and is in charge of the ICAO Civil Aviation Training Policy implementation.

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