Wing Webinar, Part 2 (Panel Discussions): Transforming ATM Data to Power our Future

Date & Time:

17 February 2021 at 0900 EST




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A recording of the webinar has been made available on ICAO TV and can be re-watched on demand.




Any vision to safely integrate new entrants into the airspace can only be realized when we solve for how information will be exchanged among airspace users. The evolution of ATM to meet the needs of new entrants, including the set of capabilities that allow drone operators to send and receive information, is predicated on how we can build a comprehensive picture of the airspace. And it depends on a timely and accurate flow of information between ANSP(s), UTM service providers, operators and other stakeholders. 


This SkyTalk will bring together the perspectives of regulators and new entrants to discuss the steps we must take to realize a vision that enables the growth of new entrants.



• Moderator: Reinaldo Negron, Wing


• Panelists:
o Ruby Sayyed, IATA
o Francine Zimmermann, FOCA
o Steve Bradford, FAA
o Bobby Healy, Manna



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