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ICAO Innovation Workshop


The ICAO Innovation Workshop is one of the activities identified in the ICAO Secretariat Strategy on Innovation. It is aimed at creating a learning opportunity for Civil Aviation Authorities and the aviation and innovation ecosystems, and to generate further thinking within participants’ organizations to incorporate new technologies in support of a sustainable civil aviation system.


  • For ICAO, the workshop contributes to raising awareness of innovations among States, industry partners and the aviation community at large and to promoting its potential benefits.  
  • For member States, the workshop supports the development of a better understanding of the regulatory challenges and possible solutions for innovation in aviation and stimulates the creation of innovation ecosystems at the national level.  
  • Private sector stakeholders, including non-traditional aviation stakeholders are sensitized to the role of regulators.  


The workshop is delivered in an online format over two days.  

Module 1: Innovation in aviation
Background information and the views of States and industry on how to support the development of innovation ecosystems and what such development entails.
Module 2:  Regulatory challenges and solutions
Examples of regulatory challenges faced by States and solutions implemented to support the deployment of innovations.
Module 3:  Adaptive organizational management and creating a culture of innovation
General principles based on what States are undertaking to create and maintain a culture of innovation, including organizational changes to adapt to a fast-evolving ecosystem or the adoption of new methods of work.  
Module 4: Case study: Utopia
A tabletop exercise simulating the development of a high-level roll-out plan on innovation.


The ICAO Innovation Workshop is open to anyone interested in innovation and forward-looking air transportation as a sector of global importance, including: 
  • Staff of State regulatory bodies (CAAs) involved in innovation initiatives; 
  • Representatives from regional organizations; 
  • Conventional aviation industry stakeholders implementing innovative concepts; 
  • Non-traditional stakeholders proposing innovative products or solutions.  


Regional deliveries are planned until the end of 2023 in coordination with ICAO Regional Offices. Participants are nominated by their States 

Past deliveries: 

- Eastern and South Africa (ESAF): Delivery in English, 27-28 March 2023 (launch).

- North America, Central America and Caribean (NACC)/ South America (SAM): Delivery in English, 10-11 May 2023.

North America, Central America and Carribean (NACC)/ South America (SAM): Delivery in Spanish, 29-30 August 2023.

Asia and Pacific (APAC): Delivery in English, 6-7 September 2023.

European and North Atlantic (EUR/NAT): Delivery in English, 11-12 October 2023.

- West and Central Africa (WACAF): Delivery in French, 10-11 October 2023.

Middle East (MID): Delivery in English, 16-17 January 2024 

Planned deliveries:

-March 2024: Tentative new delivery cycle in the ICAO regional offices. 


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