Virtual Experiences


These new Virtual experiences are being developed with the idea that anyone could access to them, whether you have a VR headset or not. The idea behind it is that one day anyone with a Concept, prototype or idea, could submit it to our virtual scenario defining it’s performance characteristics and make it interact with the rest of the new entrants. This way we will be able to visualize what kind of potential each project has, what are the dangers involved, what solutions could it bring to the table.  

AAM Experience 2022

Flight Simulator experience in a City. Choose between different types of aircraft to fly around a city.

UAM Experience

Take a train or an Air taxi from the Airport to your hotel. You’ll see how UAM players interact with each other in the future.

3D MUSEUM Experience

Get close to the aircraft, get to know what kind of aircraft will be shaping the future, Supersonic, Hybrid, eVtol, Airliners.

AIRPORT Experience

How would Airports look like, how technology is going to make our trip from the gate to the airplane faster with faster and safer security checks.

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