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Technical Advisory Body (TAB)


From 31 January to 11 March 2022, ICAO invited CORSIA Eligible Emissions Unit Programmes to participate in the re-assessment process in 2022. A key objective of this re-assessment is to inform TAB’s recommendations to the ICAO Council regarding emissions units that should be eligible for use under CORSIA in years beyond its pilot phase of 2021-2023.

ICAO received seven responses to the call for re-assessment. The responses provided - except for the information labeled as business confidential - are included below:

1. American Carbon Registry

2. Architecture for REDD+ Transactions

3. Clean Development Mechanism

4. Climate Action Reserve

5. Global Carbon Council

6. The Gold Standard

7. Verified Carbon Standard

The public is invited to submit comments on the responses to the call for re-assessment, including regarding their alignment with the EUC, from 13 April to 12 May 2022. The public is requested to use this form to provide structured comments on these responses. Additionally, the public is invited to include views and suggestions on TAB's procedures.

Comments should be sent by email to by 12 May 2022.

2022 Programme Applications and Material Changes to Previously-Assessed Programmes (submitted by March 2022)

From 26 January to 26 February 2022, ICAO invited emissions unit programmes to apply for assessment by TAB against the CORSIA Emissions Unit Criteria (EUC).

ICAO received seven responses to the call for applications. The responses provided - except for the information labeled as business confidential - are included below:

1. BioCarbon Fund Initiative for Sustainable Forest Landscapes

2. BioCarbon Registry

3. Cercarbono

4. International Carbon Registry

5. J-Credit Scheme

6. Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM) between Japan and Mongolia


In addition to the seven responses above, ICAO received one material updates to previously-assessed programmes for TAB's assessment by March 2022. 

1. Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF)

Public Comments

From 25 March to 24 April 2022, ICAO invited the public to submit comments on responses to the call for applications and matrial updates, regarding their alignment with the EUC.

ICAO received public comments from 3 organizations, which are available in a consolidated form here.

TAB Recommendations

TAB submitted its report to Council in November 2022. After consideration, Council accepted TAB's recommendations, and approved the associated ICAO document "CORSIA Eligible Emissions Units." TAB's recommendations in the TAB Report (November 2022) are available below.

The new call for applications will open in March 2023. 

2022 Webinar for Emissions Unit Programmes

Understanding CORSIA Eligible Emissions Units

On Wednesday 2 February 2022ICAO held a webinar to inform stakeholders about the TAB assessment process, key documents for understanding CORSIA eligibility, recent developments and next steps in the work of the Technical Advisory Body (TAB).

Material Change Form

Programmes which are approved to supply CORSIA Eligible Emissions Units are encouraged to use the Material Change Form to inform TAB of any material changes, the procedures for which are described in Section 8 of the TAB Procedures.

Market Monitoring Form

The public is invited to submit comments pertaining to observations of any potential deviation from the Emissions Units Criteria (EUC), CORSIA Eligible Emissions Unit Programme's Scope of Eligibility (as specified in the ICAO document "CORSIA Eligible Emissions Units"), and/or Terms of Eligibility on an on-going basis using this Market monitoring form.

Previous TAB Assessments

TAB completed assessments in 2019, 2020 and 2021. Detailed information about those assessments can be accessed below:

2019 TAB Assessment

2020 TAB Assessment

2021 TAB Assessment

Technical Advisory Body (TAB)

TAB Terms of Reference

TAB Procedures
List of TAB M​embers

TAB Work Programme and Timeline
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