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Technical Advisory Body (TAB)

2020 TAB Assessment

Call for Applications

ICAO invites emissions unit programmes to apply for assessment against the CORSIA emissions unit criteria. To apply, emissions unit programmes should download and complete the application forms below and submit them to by 20 April 2020.


Application Form for Emissions Unit Programmes

Application Form, Appendix A - Supplementary Information

Application Form, Appendix B - Programme Assessment Scope

Application Form, Appendix C - Programme Exclusions Scope

Emissions unit programmes may wish to review the frequently asked questions on programme applications for assessment by the TAB.

2020 Webinar for Emissions Unit Programmes

Understanding the Process: Applications for Assessment by the TAB

Friday 3 April, 2020

9:00am-11:00am (EST)

ICAO invites emissions unit programmes to participate in a webinar which will focus on the process of applying for assessment by the TAB. Programmes are invited to use this form to register for the webinar and to submit questions. The webinar will be recorded and put on this website.

2019 TAB Assessment

From 14 June to 12 July 2019, ICAO invited emissions unit programmes to apply for assessment by the TAB. Detailed information about that assessment can be accessed from this page.


Technical Advisory Body (TAB)

Assembly Resolution A40-19 requested the ICAO Council to develop and update the ICAO document referenced in Annex 16, Volume IV related to the eligible emissions units for use by the CORSIA, considering the recommendations of the TAB.


TAB Terms of Reference
List of TAB M‚Äčembers

TAB Work Programme and Timeline

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