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Technical Advisory Body (TAB)

2021 TAB Assessment

2021 Call for Applications: 11 January to 18 February

ICAO invites emissions unit programmes to apply for assessment against the CORSIA emissions unit criteriaTo apply, emissions unit programmes should download and complete the application forms below and submit them to by 18 February.

Application Form

Application Form Appendix A - Supplementary Information

Application Form Appendix B - Programme Assessment Scope

Application Form Appendix C - Programme Exclusions Scope

Application Form Appendix D - Registry Attestation

2021 Webinar for Emissions Unit Programmes

Understanding CORSIA Eligible Emissions Units

On Tuesday 2 February 2021, ICAO held a webinar to inform stakeholders about the TAB assessment process, key documents for understanding CORSIA eligibility, recent developments and next steps in the work of the Technical Advisory Body (TAB).

Material Change Form

Programmes which are approved to supply CORSIA Eligible Emissions Units are encouraged to use the Material Change Form to inform TAB of any material changes, the procedures for which are described in Section 8 of the TAB Procedures.

Material Changes to Previously-Assessed Programmes

Several programmes which were assessed in the 2019 TAB assessment cycle submitted material changes for TAB's assessment to ICAO between 21 April 2020 and 24 August 2020. Stakeholders are invited to submit comments to on these material changes by 1 November, 2020, using the TAB Public Comment Template Form

1. American Carbon Registry

2. Climate Action Reserve

3. Global Carbon Council

4. Gold Standard

Public comments received, including commenter names and organizations, will be published on the ICAO CORSIA website following the decision by Council in respect of TAB's eligibility recommendations.

ICAO reserves its rights to excuse from publication any submissions that are inconsistent with these guidelines, or which contain information that can be perceived as offensive, defamatory, and/or third-party advertising (e.g. spam).

All comments received by the deadline are considered in full, but due to time constraints, ICAO is unable to provide individualized responses.

Previous TAB Assessments

TAB completed assessments in 2019 and 2020. Detailed information about those assessments can be accessed below:

2019 TAB Assessment

2020 TAB Assessment

Technical Advisory Body (TAB)

TAB Terms of Reference

TAB Procedures
List of TAB M​embers

TAB Work Programme and Timeline

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